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The President of Ukraine gave a rarity Interview This Wednesday for Sky News to celebrate its 45th anniversary. From family life to targeted assassination attempts at the start of the invasion, Volodymyr Zelensky made several revelationsCriticized his Russian counterpart in the middle – whom he called “the little man”.

The Ukrainian president’s life has changed significantly since the beginning of the conflict, mainly in relation to his relationship with his family. β€œIt’s a pity not to be able to see my children. I see them once in 10 days in the last two, three months. When we are together, we eat and talk,” she says.

With two children (one aged 18, the other 10), Volodymyr Zelensky gave more details about the youngest. “He’s 10 years old and already thinking about life. It’s a tragedy. It’s a tragedy for every family in Ukraine. All children are adults. All. They talk about war and when they are going to win. They know better than I do.”

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