“You better leave the room, it may be harder for you to hear the truth.” Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Charles Michael, walked out of the meeting

UN Security Council calls on Ukraine to suspend uranium enrichment In a statement before the Security Council, Michael addressed Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzia directly. Countries.

Michael reported “sexual violence by Russian troops as a weapon of war.” “Sexual violence is a war crime, a crime against humanity. These are shameful acts, shameful war,” he said.

According to Reuters companyPrior to Michael’s intervention, Nebenzia had anticipated these allegations, and in order to participate, he “completely denied” allegations of sexual harassment by Russian soldiers and denounced them as “lies.”

Nebenzia left the room despite the intervention of the President of the European Council, urging Michael to address the Russian ambassador directly: “You can leave the room, it may be difficult for you to hear the truth”.

Abroad, the ambassador told Reuters with an annoyed face that he could not stay in the room “because of the lies that Charles Michael came to distribute here”.

Charles Michael was accused of propagating Russia and of being a constant propagandist of lies and misinformation.

The EU has called for an end to the Russian campaign, saying “there is no ban on agriculture in Russia” and that European sanctions “will not prevent Russian ships from transporting food, grain or fertilizer to developing countries.” The Belgian politician argued.

“The Kremlin is using food items as an invisible missile against developing countries. (…) Despite the propaganda of lies and misinformation, Russia alone is responsible for this situation,” he added.

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