“Xi Jinping, resign”. Protests against “Covid Zero” in China are rising in tone

This wave of opposition to the policy Zero covid It was implemented by the Chinese government following protests in the northwestern city of Urumqi People looked at prison rules as the reason for the death of ten people in Thursday’s apartment tower fire..

in Shanghai, the British BBC reported. Some protesters also chanted slogans such as “Xi Jinping, step down”, or “Communist Party, step aside”.🇧🇷 Rare phrases among the most viewed people in the world. Other protesters waved white flags. Protests also took place at universities in the capital Beijing and Nanjing.

A protester interviewed by a British public broadcaster said he had heard police admit to feeling the same agitation. “They’re in uniform, so they’re doing their job,” he countered.

Another protester, who spoke to The Associated Press, said police beat one of his friends and sprayed pepper spray in the direction of two others.

University students protest

Photos and videos of university students in Beijing and Nanjing holding vigils for the victims of the Urumqi fire have been circulating on social media.🇧🇷 This is what happened at Tsinghua University in the capital, a student quoted by France Presse said.

In a symbolic gesture to defy the censorship of the state apparatus, a group of demonstrators from Beijing arrived with blank banners and chanted for freedom and democracy.

In videos posted on networks, Fences surrounding the large housing block of Tiandongyuan, north of the capital, were pictured Saturday being thrown down by people..Many users of the Weibo social network expressed support for the warnings and asked participants to protect themselves, according to the specialized portal What’s On Weibo.

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The latest figures from China’s National Health Commission indicate the country has set a record high of infections in the past 24 hours: 40,000 new cases were detected on Saturday, most without any symptoms.

Beijing currently has the highest infection rate. The latest official data points to more than 4,300 new infections detected on Saturday, 82 percent of which were asymptomatic.

About 1.8 million people are currently under lockdown.

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