Without equipment to fight the cold, Russian soldiers begin to withdraw in Ukraine

Many Russian military women denounce the existence of temporary prisons in cities such as Staromlinivka, Rubisne, Kremina, Dokusevsk or Perevalsk, where soldiers have no conditions for survival.

As winter approaches, the first reports are of Russian soldiers leaving due to conditions and lack of equipment Fight the coldAccording to 🇧🇷 newspaper the worldSome surrender to the Ukrainians without a fight, others are arrested by their own comrades as they abandon their positions at the front.

About 30 survivors of the 359th Regiment were reportedly abandoned by their commanders on the left bank of the Dnieper River with orders to repel an artillery barrage armed only with AK47 rifles. As a result, they were “crushed” by precision strikes led by drones, recording many casualties.

In a bustling city Zaitsevo, located in the Lugansk region bordering Russia, housed around 300 prisoners in a makeshift prison that was nothing more than the attic of a house. According to the Free Russian newspaper AstraCiting one of these soldiers’ wives, they were arrested for refusing to return to the war front, where they had no minimum conditions for survival and were forced to share food with five or six other soldiers.

Another independent Russian newspaper, The Medusa, reports that the Ukrainian military severely punishes soldiers who refuse to fight, torturing them and starving them without food until they agree to return to the front lines. Some of the arrested soldiers were stationed in the defensive line between them Swatov and Kremina, in an all-Ukrainian attack. On October 20, they were targeted by Ukrainian bombing, day and night, under sub-zero temperatures, but without food, ammunition or any contact with their officers. After eight days they abandoned the trenches and, after a whole day’s march, succeeded in reaching Staropilsk, on the Russian border, where they were detained and found other groups of Kolomichika prisoners.

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Many Russian military women have denounced the existence of other temporary prisons in cities such as Staromlynivka, Rubizhne, Kremina, Dokuchaevsk or Perevalsk. These soldiers confined there do not know how long they will stay there because the aim of the authorities is to force them to fight at all costs.

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