Who is Eli Rosenbaum, the “Nazi hunter” investigating war crimes in Ukraine? – Viewer

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Irving Rosenbaum was sent to the Dutch shortly after the U.S. military arrived, and faced the horrors of this Nazi death camp. It may have been your destiny. Born in Dresden, Germany, he was a Jew who escaped from Hitler’s regime and was welcomed by the United States in 1938. After passing through the U.S. military, he was transferred to the Psychological War unit because of the need for translators who were proficient in German. In 1945, his commander wanted someone to report directly to what they had discovered on a date that would go down in history as Liberation Day.

Years later, on a road trip, Irving wanted to tell his 14-year-old son — his father’s story about the military — what he had encountered at the time. It was snowing and the radio was broken. Spoke. “You know, I was sent to the Dutch the day after he was released,” I told him. At the time, there was not much talk about the Holocaust, but the young man knew what it was: “What did you see?”, He asked him. Faced the question and looked at the road. And the son saw the power of memories: Irving’s eyes shone, tears streaming down his face. His mouth was open: “He tried to answer me, but he could not speak.”

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