“We hit down at Gerson”. A torture chamber for children was discovered

First there were the mass graves in Bucha, the Holocaust in Irbin and then the “torture chambers” in Kherson, all of which were not only for adults. Ukrainian investigators have discovered a “children’s cell” in Kherson where they allege children were detained and tortured during the Russian occupation.

The recapture of Ukrainian cities once under Russian rule has helped expose the brutality of Putin’s troops. It was already known that torture was part of the horror equation, and what was not yet known was that children were also a target.

Ukrainian investigators found a “child torture chamber” in the recaptured city of Kherson. This information was presented by the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Parliament of Ukraine, Dmytro Lubinets, on Wednesday.

According to testimonies from local residents, the child torture involved “psychological abuse” where minors were tricked into believing they had been abandoned by their parents and would never return home. Dimitro Lubinets, quoted by the British newspaper “The Guardian”, revealed that the children were still suffering from limited water and starvation.

The “children’s cell” – how Russian soldiers referred to the place – was described as damp by Ukrainians held in the building. The only difference between the “boys’ room” and the rest of the inmates was that they were given three “thin” mats to sleep on.

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The Human Rights Commissioner said that this is the first time that we have registered cases of child torture. “I thought that the bottom would not be reached after the incident in Bucha and Irbin, but we were really hit in Kherson,” he lamented, revealing that a 14-year-old boy was arrested and tortured among the victims. For photographing damaged Russian equipment.

However, Dmytro Lubinets did not say how long the children had been detained or whether there had been any deaths.

According to “Kyiv Independent”, Moscow has illegally deported more than 13,000 children to Russia. But Ukraine’s Presidential Adviser on Children’s Rights and Rehabilitation, Darya Hryasymchuk, emphasized that “unfortunately this is not the final number.”

So far, Ukrainian prosecutors have found out Four torture sites in GersonThe city was retaken by troops from Kiev on 11 November. Prisoners were subjected to electric shocks, but there were also reports of executions and beatings with iron bars.

The UN counts at least 441 Russian war crimes

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Durk presented a report on Thursday documenting the killing of at least 441 civilians in Ukraine.

The 441 civilians killed by Russian troops included 341 men, 72 women and 28 children (20 boys and eight girls).

“There are strong indications that the summary executions documented in the report constitute deliberate killings, a war crime,” Turk stressed while presenting the document at a special session of the Human Rights Council on Ukraine.

The report, detailing hundreds of these killings, was prepared after three field surveys and focused specifically on violations in 102 cities in Kyiv, Chernihiv and Sumy regions between February 24 and April 6.

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“In some cases, Russian soldiers executed civilians in makeshift detention facilities, while in other cases they did so in their homes, backyards, doorways, or at security checkpoints on the ground,” the high commissioner said.

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