War in Ukraine: Civilians and soldiers stay at the Azot factory and refuse to surrender

“We have repeatedly called for the evacuation of civilians, but they do not want to,” said Sergei Guido, governor of the Lukansk East region, quoted by EFE News Agency.

Following Moscow’s accusation that Ukrainian troops were using civilians as “human shields” in Chevroletonetsk, Kiev today condemned the new Russian bombings, saying the attacks were “impossible” and would safely evacuate civilians and the army.

About two weeks ago, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced military control of the strategic city of Chevrodonetsk in eastern Ukraine, but there was a resistance bag at the Azot factory.

According to Governor Sergei Geito, there are 568 civilians inside the factory, including 38 children, most of them Azot workers and their families, but some Chevroletonetsk residents refuse to leave at all costs.

“It simply came to our notice then. Physically, it is possible, but it is very dangerous due to constant firing and bombing. If anyone leaves, they have a 99% chance of dying, ā€¯Guido warned.

After Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday vowed not to turn the captured Donbass cities into “a kind of Stalingrad”, Kiev accused Moscow of turning Chevrolet Donetsk into a second marijuana because of the intensity of the bombings.

After a few days without major advances in the Chevroletonetsk front, Russian General Igor Konashenkov today considered the offensive in Ukraine a “successful operation”, which Sergei Kaitoy denied.

The governor replied, “All the statements made by the Russians controlling Severodonetsk are false. Yes, they control a large area, but not the entire city.”

Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky today said that the south of the country is “not given to anyone” and that Ukraine wants to reclaim the region to ensure that “the sea is Ukrainian and safe.”

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Zelensky also noted the siege of about 70 merchant ships in Ukrainian ports, saying that only “international mediation” could guarantee safe maritime transport.

“Ukraine will do all it can to combat the food crisis created by the war in Asia, Africa and most European countries,” the Ukrainian president said.

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