War in Ukraine: anti-Assad, Russian threats and the story of “Putin defeated the dragon”

Severodonetsk is the main point of the fight between the Ukrainians and the Russians. Azot’s industrial complex was the city’s last stronghold of resistance. Nuno Rogeiro and José Milhazes examine the progress and setbacks of this conflict.

Mariupol – along with the Azovstel factory – has hundreds of military and civilian refugees on industrial premises in Severdonetsk. However, the ascot factories were not ready to withstand such an attack.

“Like Mariupol, a military attack is like a fortress ready to withstand a nuclear bomb. This [Azot] It was not ready for war, it was a makeshift fortress. But it’s a symbol of what’s going on: the Ukrainians have determination, they know how to fight in the streets, they have some ammunition – not a lot – but they do not have the weapons they need. That is why the Minister of Defense of Ukraine said today [terça-feira] Ukraine received only 10% of the weapons it asked for from Western allies, “said Nuno Rojiro.

On the other hand, Jose Millhausen focuses on threats from Russia: “A well-known deputy of the Russian parliament last week introduced a bill in parliament that would not recognize Lithuania’s independence in 1991. It is an illegal expulsion today. [terça-feira] Came to announce that this country should be annexed by three countries namely Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine.

The commentator quoted the Russian counterpart as saying that Russia would “only allow countries that are not enemies”. “We face a growing number of threats,” Millhaus said, adding that “while it is 0.1% true, it is dangerous.”

Another Russian envoy also threatened Western embassies in Kiev. “The center of power in Ukraine is not in Kiev or the presidential palace, but in embassies like the United States, Britain and Germany. He is threatening to land something there, of course.

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Rojiro also pays tribute to Roman Radushi, a 24-year-old activist who died during the conflict. “He moved to Maidan Square at the age of 17. He was one of the first people arrested by Berkat and publicly beaten – at that time the security police of Ukraine, known for their brutality – he became an activist against illegal and illegal construction in Kiev,” he recalled. SIC Commentator. “He joined the Armed Forces as a soldier of the Spy Troops and Special Forces, now dies at the age of 24, and all Ukrainians pay tribute to him.”

Finally, Milhas presents a video of Vladimir Putin’s cult of personality ‘with the participation of the poet Kazako. “The poet Kazakov decided to tell Putin’s story in verse and in Russian folklore. In other words, Putin is ubiquitous in his fight with NATO, which is why this story is called ‘Everywhere Putin defeated the dragon’ – of course Dragon was born, not FC Porto.

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