“Vladimir Vladimirovich, are you a man or what?”. Mothers of Russian soldiers begin to ask questions – the viewer

The crowd waiting for President Vladimir Putin at the military base in Vidyaevo in the Arctic Circle was buzzing. Almost all were family members. 118 sailors Who put the man Kursk submarine, which sunk in a misguided accident. Putin, elected president three months ago, went there to confront them, and the reception was, as expected, tumultuous and revolting. “When shall we restore them dead or alive? Answer me, Chief!”screamed a visibly upset woman, in a The moment was captured by television cameras🇧🇷 “I will answer you as soon as I know,” Putin said.

As they waited for news of the whereabouts of the missing submarine, the meeting took place in a feverish atmosphere, as already indicated by the reactions of the families in the previous days. “They’re making $50 a month, and now they’re stuck in that tin can. Is this what I made him for?” A mother protested in a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister He was taken out unconscious by the military.

This may be the only time Putin has met Russian military relatives outside of a controlled environment. It was one of the few times that television stations in the country captured the frustration of mothers, wives and other relatives of Russian soldiers and directly questioned those in charge of the country.

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