Vladimir Putin has postponed the start of the invasion of Ukraine on at least three occasions

Ukraine’s top intelligence director, Vadim Skibitsky, said Putin had held several consultations with Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu about the invasion, Europa Press reported.

According to Skibitsky, officers from Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), who may have been in charge of counterintelligence and espionage operations, pressured Gerasimov and other military officials to approve the launch of the attack. .

According to the Ukrainian secret services, the FSB considers that sufficient preparation has already been carried out by the end of February to guarantee the success of the Russian armed forces in a lightning invasion.

However, according to Kiev, the Russian General Staff provided Russian troops with supplies and ammunition for three days, with the view that the attack would be quick and immediately successful.

The head of Ukrainian intelligence also underlined the cooperation of local residents, who have always provided Ukrainian authorities with relevant information about the Russian army, such as the number of soldiers or the exact location of troops.

The military offensive launched by Russia in Ukraine on February 24 caused at least 6.5 million internally displaced people and more than 7.8 million refugees to European countries, so the United Nations classifies this refugee crisis as the worst in Europe since World War II (1939-1945). )

At this time, 17.7 million Ukrainians are in need of humanitarian assistance and 9.3 million in need of food assistance and shelter.

The UN confirmed 6,755 civilian deaths and 10,607 wounded since the start of the war, underscoring that these numbers are much lower than the actual number.

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