Ukrainian ‘sniper’ shoots down Russian soldier three kilometers away

This shot, if confirmed, would be the 2nd longest in history

A Ukrainian sniper (‘sniper’) shot down a Russian soldier nearly three kilometers away, according to Kiev’s armed forces.

“Precise sniper fire of our special forces took out the man at a distance of 2,710 meters,” Ukraine’s official communications command wrote in a telegram, along with a video showing the alleged moment of the shooting.

The shot, if confirmed, would be the 2nd longest in history, recorded in 2017 when a Canadian soldier shot down an Islamic State fighter in Iraq from a distance of 3,540 metres. The second place in this ranking belongs to Craig Harrison of the Cavalry Regiment of the British Armed Forces, who in 2009 shot and killed a Taliban in Afghanistan from a distance of 2,475 meters, but can now be removed by a Ukrainian soldier.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine use the Snipex Alligator for these types of operations. The gun began production in 2020 by Xádo, a Ukrainian company that produces weapons, but also lubricants and additives. The model weighs 25 kg and is two meters long. Its maximum range is seven thousand meters.

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