Ukrainian intelligence chief “fainted by Russian nonsense” and Putin is “at a dead end” – observer

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that the head of the Ukrainian secret services Grillo Budanov. “Dead End”: “He can neither stop the war nor win it.” “He can not win for objective reasons,” he said, adding that to stop the war, Russia’s head of state “Recognize that Russia is not as strong or big as I would like it to be.”

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Girillo Budanov Mentioned This will have an impact on Russia. If the people of the country “finally understand that the Tsar is not big enough to pretend”, this is a “Now Russia is on the verge of destruction.

“I am shocked by the Russian nonsense,” the Ukrainian official admitted, explaining that Vladimir Putin had “many options” before the war. The Russian president decided to invade Ukraine, choosing “the most brutal and worst”. “Russian experts have repeatedly warned him that this should be the last resort,” said Girillo Budanov.

The head of the Ukrainian secret services was clear about the outcome of the war. Ukraine accepts only the solution of reclaiming the Ukrainian border, which was defined in 1991It was the year that became an independent country – it marked the Ukrainian administration of Crimea and the Donbass.

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Asked about a possibility Frozen conflict (Frozen Conflict) In Ukraine, Kyrylo Budanov promised that the Ukrainians would not allow it to happen: “This is a war for all Ukrainians”. “If anyone in the world thinks that Ukraine can dictate to Ukraine the conditions under which it can defend itself or not, they are very wrong,” he said.

According to Guerrero Putano, Ukraine has already launched a counter-offensive “in some parts of the country,” but acknowledged that a large-scale one without more powerful weapons would be “very difficult.”

Ukrainian military intelligence chief promises: Vladimir Putin is “very sick” of cancer.

Last week, the head of the Ukrainian secret services Vladimir Putin promised that he was “very ill” with cancer: “he is in a very bad physical and mental condition”, and expects a change in the presidency.

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