Ukrainian human rights commissioner condemns video of Russian soldier holding skull of dead soldier at Azovstal to UN – Observer

Ukraine is trying to “register war crimes daily and report violations to the international community” for this reason, Dmytro Lubinets said, adding that he has already notified Ole Solvang, the head of the United Nations investigation team in Ukraine, about the matter. He will also send the video to Oleksiy Simonenko, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

When people die in war, Their bodies should be treated with respect and dignity, civilian or military. Remains of unknown persons need to be identified. “Respect for the dead is not just about caring for loved ones,” Oleksiy Simonenko explained.

The video in question (which may shock many readers) was posted this Sunday In social networks Ukrainian activist Serhiy Sternenko described Igor Mangushev as a man who visited Ukraine. “Genocide”. The moment was later shared in various Ukrainian media.

The Russian fighter said in the video that he and the audience listening to him were “alive”, unlike whoever the skull belonged to: “It was already dead. Burns in hell. No yoga. We will create a character from your skeleton. “He didn’t want to die near Azovstal,” said Igor Mangushev, who assured that the skull was not that of a civilian. “We killed him.”

“We are not at war with flesh-and-blood people,” Igor Mangushev pointed out, noting that Russia is fighting against an “idea”: “Against the notion that Ukraine is an anti-Russian state.” In this situation, the Russian war veteran insisted, “there can be no peace.” It is necessary, therefore, “De-Ukrainize Ukraine”, with The country should return to the status of “Russian lands”.

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“We are not fighting against people, we are fighting against an idea,” the soldier reiterated, adding that it was “a tragedy for Ukrainian soldiers.” “We don’t want to know how many [soldados] We must kill. We are at war with an idea, and all who think so must be killed. Igor threatened Mangushev, who looked at the skull and thought, “Like this guy.”

Onlookers at the scene asked the Russian war veteran if he already “understood the Russian world” to whom the skull belonged. “I think so,” answered Igor Mangushev.

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