Ukraine says Russian ‘torture chamber’ discovered in Kherson

According to GuardianRussian soldiers took over the juvenile detention center in mid-March and later turned it into a “torture chamber,” a prison for men who refused to cooperate with Moscow or were accused of partisan activity.

According to neighbors and local businessmen, the screams were heard six weeks after they saw Russian soldiers occupying the building. Witnesses said they started seeing people being greeted with bags over their heads and later, some bodies being removed from the scene.

Mykola Ivanovic, one of the residents overlooking the detention center’s backyard, said she saw two bodies dumped in garages behind the center. Journalists from The Guardian were with the authorities when they first entered the empty space.

As for those in charge of the centre, witnesses said they never saw their faces as they were wearing balaclavas. They were usually dressed in black from head to toe.

Vitaly Sertyuk, one of those who went through the torture chamber, says he was beaten for four days. The reason? Your son was in the Ukrainian army.

Zhenia Dremo was another victim. He went to the detention center and at a checkpoint, he had no cigarettes to give to the soldiers.

“They beat me a little, I was lucky. But my cellmates were beaten hard”, he recalled.

Tremo told the British newspaper that he only saw the people in his room, which turned out to be around eight people. But he says there was talk of a total of 23 cells, including at least two women’s cells, so around 180 people could have stayed there.

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