Ukraine says hundreds of Russian soldiers have been killed in attacks on military camps. Russia says 63 dead – Observer

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The numbers are contradictory – completely contradictory – depending on which side you listen to: 63 dead according to Russia; Hundreds, or “about 400,” Ukrainian officials say. What is known is that in the occupied city of Makhivka in the Donetsk region, many people died as a result of a Ukrainian attack on a barracks where Moscow soldiers were staying. According to The Guardian It is telegram.

The numbers presented by the two parties are very different. Russia has already said through its defense ministry that 63 soldiers died in the attack on a school that was being used as a temporary accommodation for Russian troops.

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Ukraine is already talking about hundreds of deaths. The Telegraph quoted a former Ukrainian separatist commander who put the death toll at “hundreds” of dead and wounded, but another source in Ukrainian troops indicated “around 400” died.

The Russian-backed administration of the region said at least 25 rockets were fired into the region on Sunday night. Russian state news agency Tass quoted a Moscow official as saying that at least 15 people were injured in the blasts.

In other news, TASS quoted Donetsk People’s Republic President Denis Pushilin as saying that Russian security forces had intercepted several Ukrainian rockets on New Year’s Eve. “Our security system was active. Otherwise, many more attacks would have happened,” he said.

In a third message, Moscow’s representative in Donetsk, Alexei Kulemchin, cited damage to a “creative center” for children and youth. Reuters, quoted by The Guardian, says the center served as a military barracks. “There were dead and wounded, the exact number is still unknown,” said Daniil Besonov, another Russian representative in the region.

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A video of the collapse of the building has surfaced on social media. Some Ukrainian media reported that the school had almost 300 players who were there for training.

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