Ukraine lost the Donbass battle. But will you lose the battle? – Spectator

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Stalin once said “God of Artillery War”. Ukrainian colonel Roman Kostenko repeated this phrase in a conversation in early June. With the German magazine Der Spiegel This explains well the sentiment among Ukrainian hosts in the Donbass. The consternation mounts as Russian artillery reduces recently populated towns to dust. “Even an incompetent army can destroy a country. “An army may not be very motivated, but artillery is,” as Jamie Shea, former head of NATO, summed it up. ao Wall Street Journal.

Russian artillery captures the Donbass, leading to a complete withdrawal of the Ukrainian army from the east of the country. The most recent success Russian conquest of Lysizansk, confirmed this weekend by the decision of the Ukrainians to leave the city. With this victory, the Russians could now boast that they were in control of the entire Lugansk Province.

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