Trump says Ukraine should have given up Crimea, Putin wanted to “make a deal” – but now “wants to destroy everything” – Observer

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Former US President Donald Trump believes that Ukraine should have abandoned the idea of ​​maintaining the territorial integrity of the Crimean Peninsula, just as it abandoned its aspirations to join NATO. “I believe that Vladimir Putin wanted to make a deal.He says that now, after being thwarted, the Russian president now wants to “destroy” Ukraine.

In a podcast interview The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show, Donald Trump reiterates that the Russian president would not have invaded Ukraine if he had been re-elected in November 2020: “He won’t be.” Also, the chancellor did not believe that Vladimir Putin initially wanted to invade Ukraine, but now he does He wants to conquer “the whole country”.

“Right now, he doesn’t want to make a deal. I think it’s hard to make a deal. “He’s destroying everything,” Donald Trump said, adding, “It’s very sad to see what’s happening in Ukraine.” “There are hundreds of thousands of people in those apartment buildings that were destroyed.”

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For Donald Trump, the war in Ukraine “should never have happened” and recalled that Vladimir Putin put 200,000 people on the border to “negotiate” but “didn’t get a deal”.

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Donald Trump thinks so when asked about his photo op with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska.Not the best thing” The head of state did during the five-month conflict.

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