Trump has been accused of violating US campaign finance laws

The news comes a day ahead of Trump’s promised announcement, which will be made from his Florida mansion, with rumors that he will clear up doubts about whether to seek re-election in the 2024 presidential election.

With the complaint, the Campaign Legal Center movement wants federal election officials to investigate the transfer of $20 million (about 19,500 million euros) between two organizations linked to Trump. to the White House.

MAGA Inc. registered as an independent political organization (super PAC) with election officials from Trump’s political action group (PAC), titled Save America. The money was transferred to the organization, although it is linked to the former president.

A PAC coordinates a candidate’s campaign activities, but its spending is restricted, while a super PAC is a fundraising organization that can collect donations from individuals, corporations, and unions, and can spend an unlimited amount of funds.

Under current regulations, federal candidates cannot collect $2,900 (about €2,800) from an individual donor or $5,000 (about €4,850) from a PAC in a primary or general election, in addition to barring candidates from coordinating spending decisions with Super PACs.

In the complaint, the Campaign Law Center denounced the conversion of the former president’s main PAC into a super PAC — intended to spend millions of dollars to influence elections, including Trump’s 2024 campaign — as a “blatant attempt” to avoid Restrictions on federal funds that the organization deems “critical” to preventing corruption.

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