To help Europe, the country must reduce gas consumption by 7%

Portugal had to reduce natural gas consumption in the next eight months, but it managed to reduce the amount of the cut. The agreement reached this Tuesday will see EU member states cut gas consumption by 15%, with only “partial” use for Portugal, Environment Minister Duarte Cordeiro said. Therefore, the official said, the country should not suffer a reduction of more than 7% due to weak links with the rest of Europe.

Although the reduction will start on a voluntary basis, the European Commission may make it mandatory. Even so, the agreement ratified in Brussels now takes into account the “geographical or physical situation” of member states, allowing them to claim exceptional treatment if they have “limited contacts” with other countries of the Union. Protect your business or power generation.

Duarte Cordeiro praised the “understanding” of the commission, which is subject to only “partial application” of the Portuguese regulation. With this, he said, the means to respond to Russian “blackmail” with the EU’s “solidarity” is guaranteed. Asked how many percentages would be required if the reduction of gas consumption was mandatory, the minister clarified that Portugal is part of a group of countries, “due to bad communications, compared to the initially defined objective, their target may be reduced by eight percentage points.”. That is, the cut can go up to 7%.

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