“This weapon brings us closer to victory.” The most dangerous weapon provided to Ukraine by Western countries is already in a state of war – the Observer

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The Howitzer M777 cannon, hidden in the bushes next to the Ukrainian trenches, was “very powerful, provided by the West. [à Ucrânia] So far “, He writes The New York Times saw her on the floor. The reason? There are five more: Not only is it easier to carry and hide, but it also hits targets farther and with greater accuracy – as it has a built-in GPS system – which is faster than other types of weapons, You can read how No. Site Bay Systems, which is responsible for the production of the Howitzer M777, supplies supplies to the Ministries of Defense in many countries.

The announcement of the shipment of 90 Howitzer M777 weapons has been lingering for some time, and if there is any doubt – the US newspaper has confirmed that this Howitzer (a type of artillery) was actually used by the Ukrainians. Army. East of the territory occupied by Russia.

Like other countriesUS officially authorizes arms shipments to Ukraine as a means of combating military inferiority France and Slovakia will also send howitzers.

Customized drones, missiles and tanks. Which countries have sent (or are planning to send) military aid to Ukraine?

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We believe the bombs will have an impact, especially in Kharkiv. Now, is this the only reason? I do not think we will go so far as to say such a thing, but we believe they are systems [Ucrânia] They get it not only from the US, but from other countries as well – they are totally helping to regain some momentum and territory, ”a government official said. Quoted In a statement released by the Pentagon last Monday.

Oz Howitzers M777, True steel and titanium engines are capable of hitting targets up to 40 kmAfghanistan was first used by the United States in 2005 and only in two other countries: Australia and Canada.

In Ukraine, they have already killed dozens of Russian soldiers and destroyed at least three armored vehicles of Moscow troops, according to Colonel Roman Kachur. In fact, about two weeks since they entered the war, They have already fired nearly two thousand projectilesTo advance the Ukrainian authorities.

“This weapon brings us closer to victory,” the commander of the 55th Artillery – whose unit originally used the deadly weapon – stressed to the North American newspaper (implicitly) that more support was always needed: “With all modern weapons, precision weapons, we are approaching victory”. However, researchers defend this “Success is not guaranteed”.

Destroy Russian military infrastructureAmmunition depots and command posts, the main purpose, in addition, is considered the kernel. Destroy enemy bombs Aimed at targeting Ukrainian cities.

Skill in handling weapons is key to success, but few Ukrainian soldiers know how to operate 90 incoming howitzers. Therefore, only about 12 are used e It can take weeks until everyone is on the ground.

For six days U.S. troops have taught 200 Ukrainian soldiers to fire these weapons at bases in Germany. Then, the team split in half, with 100 men leading the way, and the remaining 100 taking charge of training more players.

A Russia, in comparison to the power of this powerful weapon, chooses it as a target. “In the process of achieving its objectives, a set of Giatsint-S systems removed a unit of M777 Howitzers made in the United States,” the government statement said. Quoted State agency TASS.

No video Revealed Spreading on the Ministry of Defense and YouTube, you can see the bombs being attacked by Russian shells and, later, taking refuge in the jungle – this is the area inside the bombing.

Russia announces destruction of ammunition depot for US howitzers

This Tuesday, Moscow Howitzer announced the destruction of the ammunition depots. A week ago, former Russian Colonel Mikhail Kodaryonok. Who first criticized Putin’s war strategy and then retreated, Russia’s attacks on US howitzers in Ukraine have been cited. It said they would continue to target Russian forces “in the future.” “They will be searched, found and attacked,” the Reserve Colonel promised, adding that soon they would only be “memories”.

Criticizing Putin’s strategy, the colonel changes the wording: “Ukraine will have a very unpleasant surprise.”

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