The worst airport in the world is in Portugal (and 8th place). Here is the ranking

JHave you ever wondered what is the best airport in the world? And worse? To answer these (and other) questions, the German website AirHelp, dedicated to the safety of air travelers, annually does. World rankings In these infrastructures. And Portugal’s news is not very encouraging.

In fact, of the estimated 132 airports, The Humberto Delcado, In Lisbon, appears at 132nd (and last) in the overall rating of 5.76 out of 10 possible ‘points’. Ranking delays in departures and arrivals, quality of service and delays in available food and shops, Lisbon Airport ranks the worst in the world.

Already Cha Corniro, In Porto, appears to be the eighth worst with an overall score of 6.46. It should be noted that AirHelp considers ten of the worst infrastructures of this type in the world. Eight of them are located on the European continent: Lisbon, Eindhoven, Bucharest, Malta, Manchester, Paris, Porto and London.

On the other hand, there are three airports that stand (very) positively in this ranking. Oh Hamad International AirportDoha, Qatar, with a score of 8.39 out of 10, is the best in the world.

Follows Tokyo International AirportTokyo, Japan, the planet’s second best (with 8.38 points) and, closed the top 3, Athens International AirportIn Athens, Greece (with 8.38).

Top Airports in the World:

  1. Hamad International Airport (Doha, Qatar)
  2. Tokyo International Airport (Tokyo, Japan)
  3. Athens International Airport (Athens, Greece)
  4. Afonso Pena International Airport (Curitiba, Brazil)
  5. Gdańsk Lech Wałęa Airport (Gdańsk, Polynia)
  6. Moscow Sheremetio International Airport (Moscow, Russia)
  7. Singapore Changi Airport (Singapore, Singapore)
  8. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad (Hyderabad, India)
  9. Tenerife North Airport (Tenerife, Spain)
  10. Viracopos / Campinas International Airport (Campinas, Brazil)
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Worst airports in the world:

  1. Lisbon Portella Airport (Lisbon, Portugal)
  2. Kuwait International Airport (Kuwait, Kuwait)
  3. Eindhoven Airport (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
  4. Henry Konda International Airport (Bucharest, Romania)
  5. Malta International Airport (Malta, Malta)
  6. Manchester Airport (Manchester, United Kingdom)
  7. Paris Orly Airport (Paris, France)
  8. Porto Airport (Porto, Portugal)
  9. Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (Toronto, Canada)
  10. London Gatwick Airport (London, United Kingdom)

Meet Here Full ranking of AirHelp.

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