The word “portuñol” has been added to the update of the Spanish language dictionary – news

Update 23.6 of the DLE, which adds more than three thousand new items, corrections and additions to its digital version, was presented this Tuesday by the Director of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) and President of the Association of Spanish Language Academies (ASALE). ), Santiago Muñoz Machado and the director of the 24th edition of the dictionary, educator Paz Buttoner, reported Efe.

At the initiative of the writer and academic Javier Marías, who died this year, his loss was again highlighted by the RAE, who were included in the dictionary of “survivors”. [falso ou artificial]”Hagioskopio” [pequena abertura feita na parede de uma igreja para ver o altar] or “Language” [que pertence ou relativo à tradução].

New uses of new words in gastronomy, leisure, sex and gender are part of the new update of the dictionary, many words in science, industry and technology, medicine, physics or chemistry, environment, economy and law or sport.

“mom” [apego excesivo de uma criança à mãe]”Podar” [vómito]”just” [fome]”hoof” [pessoa que copia]”governance” [algo que funciona, que corre bem] or “quarantanero” [pessoa que tem entre 40 e 49 anos] Few include formal language.

In the social sector, the word “gerontism” has been added [discriminação com base na idade, especialmente dos idosos]🇧🇷 Another addition is “Villageization”. [dar um carácter rural a algo ou alguém] Or a new meaning for the word “gap” refers to the distance between situations or things or groups of people, especially because of dissimilarity or dissimilarity.

New integrations in the technology sector include, among others, “macrodata”. [dados de grande volume]”dot com” [empresa que labora maioritariamente na Internet] Or “video gamer”.

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In the gastronomic world, the words “panettone” or “panetón” were added [doce de Natal de origem italiana]As well as new meanings for “sancocho”, canarian stew and “campango”. [ingredientes de carne, fumados ou enchidos que se usam no cozido].

Bass Button also explained that the noun “cut,” derived from the verb to cut, added four new meanings: each of the musical compositions on a disc; Interference of radio or television broadcasts for advertising purposes; Phase of selection process; And a slice of ice cream.

“Conspiranoia”, the tendency to interpret certain events as if they were a conspiracy, and its derivative “conspiracy”, other innovations, as well as certain meanings of words used only in the ‘media’, such as “mercury”. Temperament, or the term “theme,” is now used as a modern musical structure.

For Muñoz Machado, this work, with a total of 3,152 innovations, including additions to terms and corrections to existing articles or deletions, is the most emblematic and important of the RAE, although not the only one, because, in addition, the annual update, working simultaneously for the 24th edition, is the current one. It will completely update the version and it is expected to be delivered in 2026.

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