The War in Ukraine: Russia’s Three Conditions for Peace

Moscow wants to recognize the annexation of Crimea and Donbass and demands Ukraine’s status as a non-aligned and non-nuclear state. These are Russia’s conditions for peace.

The demands coincided with Vinnytsia’s first major bombing. Three Kalibr missiles fired from a Russian submarine into the Black Sea, 300 kilometers away, hit the center of the city. They demolished a nine-story building that housed a clinic that employed hundreds of people.

A few hours after the attack, search and rescue teams had already been rescued More than twenty bodies from the rubble. Nearly 100 people were injured and dozens were missing.

The headquarters of the Ukrainian Air Force is located in Vinnytsia, but the Officials deny that any military targets were hit In the first major bombing of this city in the center of the country.

Elsewhere in Ukraine, the day was marked by another bombing over Mykolayiv. Russian attacks on the southern city killed several victims and destroyed a residential building, a hotel and a school center. This Thursday, a school was destroyed in Kostiantynivka, Donbass.

As the offensive intensified, Russian terms for an armistice were announced. Russia is ready for peace talks if Ukraine meets three conditions, Interfax quoted a senior Kremlin official as saying.

First condition Recognition of Russian annexation of Crimea and Donbass. The other two, the Accepting the status of non-aligned and non-nuclear states. Kiev has yet to respond to Russian proposals.

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