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The Stoxx 600 is on track for the best week since March. Lisbon leads to losses in a mixed Europe

Dip buyers, investors who buy cheaper stocks, dominate the beginning of the session in the hope that they can sell more expensive bonds and promise to have the best week from mid-March with the Stoxx 600 on track.

In Europe, the trend experienced in the main squares is mixed. Stoxx 600 – Volume scale – 0.22% to 438.66 points. In the 20 sectors that make up the index, it leads to financial and consumption gains.

Dip buyers returned to the European market this week, seeing their sentiment strengthened by several investment firms such as Citigroup, and in a “research” note released this week advised investors to invest money in European “balances”.

The session was further affected by the mood experienced at the Asian session after several Chinese technology companies announced that they had sold more than analysts ’ratings in the first quarter. Currently, the European technology sector is up more than 1%, particularly 1.08%.

The trend in the remaining European markets is mixed. The Spanish IBEX lost 0.13%, while London and Milan lost 0.20% each. Lisbon fell the most obvious, falling 0.23%. Frankfurt, on the other hand, gained 0.18%, Amsterdam 0.195 and Paris 0.40%.

“This is a favorable week, as the stock market is beginning to show signs of volatility,” said Neves Benito, head of Santander Asset Management’s research division, in a statement to Bloomberg. “The market is more stable [face à volatilidade registada nas últimas semanas]. The market already seems to be linking the central bank’s monetary policy to monetary policy, while China is beginning to show more support for the economy, ”the analyst said.

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