The Strange Case of the Nobel Prize for Literature and Society

In July 2015, Spain (and half of the world) stopped with the news that the Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2010, had an affair with Isabelle Preisler, the ex-wife of the queen of coated paper, Julio Iglesias. and the mother of his three eldest children), the Marquis of Crinon, and finally, the widow of Miguel Boer, Felipe Gonz├ílez’s Minister of Economy. A case, it must be said, is serious enough for a writer who moves as fast as the wind to move with a new chosen one in his heart. While many wondered how such a link between high literature and so-called futility was possible, many were scandalized by the fact that Vargas Llosa had reluctantly abandoned his half-century marriage to Patricia Llosa.

Spanish journalist and author Rosa Pereda, a friend of the former couple, recalled her surprise at the news, which “dropped like a bomb”. Weeks ago, “Mario and Patricia celebrated their golden anniversary with a big dinner surrounded by friends, children and grandchildren.” And he adds: “It’s a big shock for Patricia. We always knew Mario was a charmer, but no one was ready for such a one-sided decision.”

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