The son dies 5 days after the family is young. “This is not a coincidence”

U.S.A 14-year-old boy has been sentenced to at least 15 years in prison for killing a five-year-old boy who lived with him in Wales.

The crime comes just days after Craig Mulligan was abducted by Logan Mwangi, the victim’s family. Mulligan’s stepmother had known Mulligan since he was nine months old, and international publications reported that the young man had always idolized him. The stepmother, John Cole, 40, and the baby’s mother, Angarat Williamson, 31, killed Mulligan Williamson’s son after winning his foster care case. The body was found on July 31, about 250 meters from your home. .

Child injuries are described as injuries to a person involved in a speeding accident or to someone falling from a height. “I can’t confirm what happened because he was killed at home.”The judge said.

Despite the identities of the children involved in these types of crimes, the judge decided to reveal his identity after a public interest litigation to find out who the teenager was.

“After submissions, I decided to remove this restriction”He explained that it was death “Ruthless”Further “Planned in advance”.

“They were responsible for Logan’s death and the suffering that followed.”He also spoke about the stepmother who is serving one more year in prison than the mother and mother of a child who has been sentenced to 28 years in prison.

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The teenager was 13 when Logan’s stepmother helped dispose of the baby’s body in the Oakmore River in Bridget.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

Greek behavior has never been exemplary. In court, a foster family who had previously been in charge of the young man described their life with him “A hell”Along with that they start to get “Scary” With him.

According to the family, cited by international publications, Craig threatened to kill them for weeks and injure the couple’s daughter and their dog.

According to further publications, the suspicion about the young man began when he asked two young women if they wanted to play the game. “Killing Game”, This includes keeping them in black bags. Speaking to the same youth, the young man said he wanted to “kill a five-year-old child” while talking about a foster family. In court, Mulligan was told he had a “passion for violence” and that he was a “demon.”

After Logan’s body was found, the teenager was left in the care of officers, and one of the officers overheard him say: “I like kids. I love hitting kids on the head. It’s the climax feeling.” Another employee said he “did something wrong” but “could not talk about it”..

The teenager was taken from his biological mother after he was assaulted, and according to one of the lawyers, he was already a “complex, complicated and violent” boy at the time. The court also found that he was suffering from various neurodevelopmental disorders.

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Child injuries are described as injuries to a person involved in a speeding accident or to someone falling from a height.

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