The real squid game has already begun. Competitors “froze” and there were those who left on stretchers – news

As Netflix announced in June of last year, the Squid Game phenomenon has gone from fiction to real life. In all its resemblance to the TV show, it features 456 real players, with a final prize of €4.3 million for the winner, although it does not include deaths. At the end of the first shooting, there are serious complaints from the participants.

With the realization of the first game in the United Kingdom, called Red Light, Green Light (as in the series), the participants began to feel worse in negative temperatures, -3ºC. He realized that not even one of them could move.

“Even though the Depression came and because there was so much money at stake, people were willing to stay as long as possible, many were determined not to move, so they froze for a long time, it was like a battlefield, people. The doctors took us, but we couldn’t say anything, so to speak, we got out. , but some couldn’t move because it was too cold, we stayed in the area for 30 minutes and some were crawling. One of them was taken on a stretcher,” a participant told The Sun newspaper.

Netflix has neither confirmed nor denied this information, stressing that the participants’ health is above all else. “Netflix, Studio Lambert and The Garden consider the care of contestants as one of their highest priorities, and regular toilet breaks, and water and food are standard production practices. All precautions are taken to ensure the game is played safely,” they said in a statement.

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