The plane, carrying 126 people, caught fire due to a malfunction of the landing gear

The incident took place at Miami International Airport. At least three people were injured

A Red Air plane caught fire after taking off from landing gear, causing the plane with 126 people on board to collide with its base called the belly. The incident took place at Miami International Airport in the United States.

As stated in it CNN International, At least three people have been admitted to hospital with minor injuries. The flight departed from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

In the videos shared on social media, you can see the moment of landing and the column of smoke formed by the flames.

Apparently, when the plane landed, firefighters were already at the scene, meaning the pilot was already aware of a problem with the landing gear and alerted the control tower.

The fire is said to have spread to one of the wings of the McDonnell Douglas MD-80. A crew of about ten members immediately evacuated all passengers.

One of the main concerns was eventually a fuel leak, but the Red Air team also tried to prevent it from happening.

In a statement, the Dominican Republic-based airline said it encountered technical problems after the plane landed. Miami International Airport “, without giving further details about the incident.

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“We express our complete solidarity with the passengers and crew of the aircraft”, reads the same note.

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