The Mystery of the Boeing 737 Abandoned in Bali Not sure how it got there

HOver the years, a Boeing 737 has been abandoned in a field in Bali, Indonesia. As if that weren’t unusual enough, know that the plane in question is shrouded in mystery: no one knows how it got there… but there are many theories.

Close to the tourist center of the island, Raya Nusa Dua is now a tourist attraction next to Selatan’s highway. Daily Mail.

Among residents, the plane is said to have been taken in parts and later ‘reconstructed’ as a project by a businessman who wanted to build a restaurant there. However, the plan went ‘downhill’ when the man ran out of money to realize his vision.

Despite being in a difficult-to-access area, the place is frequented by tourists, and there are all kinds of related theories. A ladder attached to one of the Boeing’s doors enables the aircraft to be used as a lookout.

The date of the flight is also uncertain, but everything points to 2007. What’s certain is that in 2018 it’s not much (or anything) known about the ‘stage’ of a party.

For now, the plane, undocumented, remains in the center of a limestone quarry. Constructing theories and ‘mythologies’ between places…

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