The “jewel in the crown” on which Ukraine wants to recover in 2023 – and on which Putin’s political survival depends – OBSERVER

It is a “very important” territory, seen as the “jewel in the crown” of Vladimir Putin’s regime, but Ukraine will not give up the Crimean peninsula and wants 2023 to be the year it retakes it. The goal is already on Kiev’s agenda, confirms Maria Domak, head of the Crimean base of the Observer – she is part of the group advising the Ukrainian president on the region: “We are preparing for the moment when the evacuation will take place on the order of the President of Ukraine” — and a plan for that is already in motion.

The goal is ambitious, but not an impossible dream. Peter Dickinson, researcher Think tank The Atlantic Center and editor of UkraineAlert magazine has no doubt that recapturing Crimea is “militarily possible.” However, in reports to the Observer, the expert notes that the Kremlin “certainly will not react lightly” to a potential military defeat and could respond with “radical measures” such as “threats with nuclear weapons.”

All this because “with the loss of Crimea, Putin will lose power and that will be his end”, Advocates Peter Dickinson notes that “Russia is very clear about the future of the peninsula” and that Moscow interprets the recapture of the peninsula by Kiev troops. “A Red Line”. “In Russian, Crimea is very different from Donbass, Zaporizhia and Kherson. It’s a very specific case.”

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