The Japanese spend 22,000 euros to make the dream come true and become a wolf

UIn Japan, a man spent three million yen, about 22,000 euros, to get a werewolf ‘transformation’ and the perfect disguise.

According to the international press, the suit took about 50 days to handcraft by a company called Sebet.

“Due to my childhood interest in animals and seeing some realistic phenomena on television, I always dreamed of ‘becoming one’.”A person who asked to speak on condition of anonymity explained.

Although he did not want to be identified, the person did unpack some details, such as what the process was like. “We looked at pictures of real wolves to discuss small details,” he continued, as quoted by the Hindustan Times.

After the finale, the ‘model’ said he was surprised by the results.

“At the last test, I was surprised by my transformation in the mirror. That’s when my dream came true. My idea ‘like a real wolf on two legs’ was very difficult, but it turned out perfectly. I imagined”noticed

The Japanese also explained that the “ventilation” in the suit was “comfortable, and the work could be done without anyone’s help.” The company is also responsible for creating a dog suit. A man who wanted to look like a goalie.

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