The death toll in Israel’s attack on Gaza has risen to 32

The previous count indicated 24 deaths. The same source calculated that 215 people had been wounded since the attacks against the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group began on Friday.

Israeli officials are confronting the move after Palestinian children died Saturday after a failed Islamic Jihad rocket aimed at Israel.

Five UN peacekeepers have been deployed to deal with rising tensions in the Gaza Strip following Israeli attacks and retaliation by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group.

The United Arab Emirates, a member of the UN Security Council, along with China, France, Ireland and Norway, has submitted a request to hold a closed-door council meeting next Monday to discuss the current situation and ways to support international efforts. And only peace,” the Emirati WAM news agency reported on Saturday night.

In the death toll so far, the PIJ counted six of its members, including Taysir al-Jabari, its No. 2 in Gaza, the head of an armed wing in the central and northern parts of the enclave and the victim of a selective Israeli attack. The current boom began.

The Israeli military said Saturday night it had “neutralized” the “military” leaders of the Islamic Jihad group in Gaza.

What began Friday as an Israeli “preventive offensive” with airstrikes in the Gaza Strip has become the most intense spike in violence in the region since 2021.

Since Friday’s first missile launch in response to the Israeli attack, the Islamic group is now estimated to have fired more than 350 rockets, most of which hit open areas or were intercepted by Israel’s air defense system.

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