The court has given Bolsonaro three days to explain the coup order

Brazil’s top electoral court has given former President Jair Bolsonaro three days to explain the contents of a draft decree that staged a coup discovered in the home of a former minister.

The deadline was set in a decision on Monday by Electoral Court Judge Benedito González, who ordered the document to be included in the trial against Bolsonaro, who is accused of abusing power during the October presidential campaign.

The controversial text is a draft of a decree that would allow Bolsonaro to establish a state of emergency to intervene in the Supreme Electoral Court and reverse the outcome of the October 30 elections, in which he was defeated by Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

The document was found by federal police at the home of Andersen Torres, Bolsonaro’s justice minister, who has been in custody since Saturday, accused of being in charge of security when thousands of militants stormed the headquarters in Brasilia. The Presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court.

Bolsonaro was also included by the Federal Supreme Court in a list of people under investigation in connection with the Jan. 8 violence, as the mastermind and instigator of the three terrorist attacks in Brasilia.

The former president, who is currently in the United States, is suspected to have incited his supporters to occupy and damage the seats of parliament, the presidency and the Supreme Court on January 8.

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If Bolsonaro is found responsible for political abuse and using official media to support the campaign, the electoral court could sentence him to at least eight years of political disqualification.

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