The boy invades the neighbor’s yard every day. Be amazed

A Coexistence between neighbors is not always easy. However, there are also shallow cases where beautiful friendships are formed between people who cross paths by living on the same street, building or city.

It is a story with a child who loves to ride a bicycle as its protagonist.

Video surveillance cameras at a man’s home in Salt Lake City, USA, recorded (almost daily) the moment a child riding a bicycle in front of his house decided to ‘invade’ the man’s garage.

The child is accompanied by the mother, who must wait for the boy to finish his traditional bicycle ride at that spot every day, as he passes by the spot.

After watching the same scene for several days, the man decided to surprise the young man and make his task difficult. Using chalk, he decided to make a road on the sidewalk, challenging the young man to follow the path he had drawn.

The next day, when the little cyclist came to the place, he stopped for a few seconds wondering what was there. But when he realized, he didn’t hesitate to face the challenge. The game did not end there, day by day, the man made the young man’s task more difficult, giving him a different and complicated path.

The entire ordeal was recorded on video, thanks to video surveillance cameras, and later shared by the man. Although the situation took place in 2020, it has just arrived on social networks with millions of views.

Reactions, as expected, do not save the man from fame. “When we are small, we never forget our neighbors who are kind to us,” writes one internet user, while another does not hesitate to say: “We need more people like this”.

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