THE BALL – Tide comments on dance: “I have respect for Palo Pento” (Brazil)

In a press conference following the 4-1 win over South Korea, Brazil coach Tide clarified the moment when he joined the team in a goal celebration dance.

“I am very wary of underdogs who perceive it as disrespect. I know that visibility and I don’t want any other explanation than the feeling of joy for the goal, for the team, for the performance and the result. I have had respect for Palo Pento ever since I led Cruzeiro. Canarinha.

For Neymar, Tide is highly complimentary: “He has the bow and arrow, the difference. Even the injury [com a Sérvia], he kept it during the game. He is the technical lead of the team. Each has a significant feature. He is a center of empowerment for other athletes.

The coach also explained the basis of Brazil’s success so far: “If you let the balance slip at one point, the chance of defeat is high. Aligning these players requires positioning themselves on the pitch without the ball, as well as being behind the players providing that support. Our two full backs have more of a construction role. This is the life mechanism we are trying to balance.”

According to Tait, talent write down It’s something that really impresses him: “This team has great attacking courage, Fent, in individual play, it’s impressive. This generation, worked by a series of experts in training, is now a balanced team, with the awareness that it needs to be balanced, and that if there’s an imbalance, it’s dangerous.” knows

More about dancing, Tait explained why he joined the group: “We have to adapt to the characteristics of the group, and I try to adapt to their language. Their language is dance, sport. Learning their dance is difficult, difficult. We were joking, and I remember what happened with Richarlison. Don’t remember, I said: ‘That dance? If you score a goal, you’ll see that I’m going to dance.»

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