The Austrian city of Linz starts saving energy and turns off the lights

The Austrian city of Linz has decided to turn off lights on bridges and public buildings from 11pm as a first step to save energy, when winter problems with Russian gas supplies are acknowledged.

“The impending power shortage necessitates restrictions on lighting,” municipal officials in Linz, capital of the Upper Austria region, said in a statement today.

This is a first step, but it should serve as a symbol, which will follow others, with 210 thousand people, Klaus Lüger said in the speech.

31 buildings will be affected, including the old and new city hall building, bridges over the Danube, churches and trees in parks, as outdoor lights will be turned off.

“I have instructed the management of municipal companies to find additional savings in both heat and electricity,” said the mayor.

Martin Hazard, who is responsible for the street lighting, said he knows that no one wants to stroll through a dark city at night and that “the lights of the buildings have an important touristic effect on the city of Linz”.

“However, the current situation makes it necessary for us to react and send an important signal about energy conservation. People should focus on energy conservation,” he added.

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