“Ten years too long.” Marcelo’s exhaustion

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is in his seventh year as president since January, and the number seven (nothing to do with CR7 or Qatar) is magic in the head of state’s mind. 20 years ago, when he was still leading the PSD, Marcelo began to establish a principle according to which the president should have one term and not more than seven years. In January 2014, in a conversation with Judith de Souza on TVI, he enthusiastically put it – “Ten years is too long for a president”. Although at the time it was an analysis of Cavaco Silva’s presidency, which was nearing its end in the bitter streets, the commentator’s optimism of the time fits effortlessly today into the question of what is happening in Marcelo.

The color palette of the commentary is pretty: the president has belittled himself and his activism, he’s squandered his gravitas, he talks and doesn’t score, fewer people take him seriously, one reads that he runs over his words. , who says he doesn’t say what he says but doesn’t mean to say, is old and tired, like an entertainer, does what he shouldn’t, doesn’t do what he should, or, as José Miguel Judis likes to repeat, his pet love/hate relationship, Marcelo’s overwhelmingly He uses the power (does he have it?) to “help old women cross the street.” The poll did not confirm the quake, but rather, pending studies on the effects of the president’s gaffes on human rights or abuses in the church in Qatar, the fall recorded by Aximage in October kept him above 60% as the most popular politician. . But the number seven principle holds and Marcelo supports it.

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