Swedish zoo kills three chimpanzees after escaping enclosure

In addition to the three dead animals, a fourth was wounded by a shot, according to the company that runs Furuvik Zoo, located about 200 km north of Stockholm.

“The chimpanzee is considered a high-risk animal. If it is outside the park, it becomes a danger to people’s lives,” Annika Trosilius, a spokeswoman for the Parks and Resorts Group, which manages the zoo, explained to AFP.

By Wednesday afternoon, five of the seven chimpanzees had escaped their enclosure for reasons that are still unclear and were roaming freely inside the park.

According to the zoo, anesthesia is “not an alternative”. “To fire the sedation dart, it is necessary to be very close to the animal. In addition, it is necessary to wait up to ten minutes for the sleeping pill to take effect”, the establishment faced criticism. On the management of the incident.

As of noon local time this Thursday, the four animals were in the section designated for monkeys but had not yet returned to their enclosure, Furuvik Zoo said on Facebook.

“This means that people cannot be allowed to pass through the park and we are still on alert,” the establishment said in a statement.

At the time of the incident, only employees of the park, which was closed to the public for the winter, were on the scene.

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