Suspect confesses to killing The Guardian journalist and Brazilian guide

A local broadcaster reported this Wednesday that Brazilian suspects in the disappearance of British journalist Tom Phillips and his Brazilian mentor Bruno Pereira have confessed to killing and mutilating men. Band News.

Following the arrest of two suspects in the case, Brazilian police said in a statement on Wednesday that they were still searching for Phillips and Pereira, whom they described as murder suspects.

British journalist Tom Phillips, a contributor Protector, He went missing on the 5th of last month in the Brazilian Amazon while traveling on the Itakui River with Brazilian guide Bruno Araujo Pereira, near the city of Atalia do Norde on the border of the Brazilian state of Peru and Colombia. Three days to the remote part of Val Do Zawari.

They had gone to hear complaints from tribal and riverine people about the activities of armed groups engaged in illegal and plundering activities such as occupying native lands and mining gold, fishing, hunting and felling trees. These complaints and the authorities need to take action.

Last Sunday, further heightened fears of what might have happened, divers alerted by relentless tribesmen who volunteered to search, found Bruno and Domin’s belongings submerged in the Itakui River, along with a backpack containing clothes, documents and a laptop.

On Tuesday night, Brazilian federal police arrested Amarillo’s brother, Osseni Costa Olivera. A witness saw Ocini near the spot where Dom and Bruno went missing, and unknowingly helped him, as he entered the woods through small waterways where large boats could not pass and sailed with difficulty in a small wooden boat. By the time he disappeared, he was waiting in the middle of the river to board his brother Amarildo’s boat.

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