Spain: It is already known where the landmines were sent

Spanish police say six mysterious packages that arrived at diplomatic missions and ministries were sent from the city of Valladolid.

Although the origin was identified, authorities Who is responsible is still unknownLetters are placed in ordinary post boxes.

The investigation has yielded the first clues It was the only one of the six sets to crash unscathed🇧🇷 These are homemade devices with gunpowder charges. The police managed to detonate four devices with improvised explosive devices.

Between November 24 and December 2, diplomatic missions of Ukraine and the United States, the Ministry of Defense and Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez at his office.

Meanwhile, the security of public buildings, government and embassies is being strengthened🇧🇷 Despite the letter bombs being sent, authorities felt there was no need to raise the terror alert level.

On Friday, the Spanish Minister of Internal Administration recommended to the European Commission and partner countries Take action If they get similar bombshell letters admitting they may be related to the war in Ukraine.

The suggestion was accepted by Portuguese diplomacy, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs directing Portuguese embassies. Strengthen care in receiving mail.

The Portuguese MNE admitted that a circular with recommendations was sent to Portuguese representatives and embassies, but I don’t want to give more details about the proceduresFor security reasons.

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