South Korea has approved a resolution to sack the interior and defense ministers over the Halloween tragedy

South Korea’s National Assembly today approved a resolution calling for the resignation of Interior and Defense Minister Lee Chang-min over the government’s failure to respond to the disaster during South Korea’s Halloween disaster. 158 people died.

There was a vote There were 182 votes in favor and 150 votes to pass and one vote was declared invalid🇧🇷 However, members of the ruling People’s Power Party (PPP) walked out of the room before voting began.

According to Yonhap, the motion was tabled by the Democratic Party (PD) on Thursday and tabled in the House 72 hours later, under the rules of the National Assembly, where the opposition has the upper hand.

however, President Yoon Suk Yeol may reject the proposalThis was considered a possibility by the local media, although the PD threatened to sack the minister if he refused.

There is It was the second motion passed in the assembly to impeach a member of Yun’s cabinet🇧🇷 In September, the same party tabled an impeachment motion against Foreign Minister Park Jin, which was rejected by Yun over the president’s UK and US trips.

Sources in the presidential office told Yonhap today that the cabinet had no position in response to the motion being passed, which was interpreted as rejecting the motion.

Referring to the Itaewon disaster, Yoon maintains his position that the motion is against “continuous efforts to get to the bottom of the matter.”

The assembly’s decision usually takes a day to reach the president’s desk, so Yoon is expected to announce on Monday that he will reject the minister’s resignation after receiving official notification.

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A sadness It happened once The crowd gathered on the night of October 29 to celebrate the first Halloween party since the pandemicIt took place in the cosmopolitan district of Itaewon in Seoul.

nearby 100 thousand peopleMostly young people dressed for Halloween, congregate in Itaewon, a strip of bars and clubs along steep, narrow alleyways on a main avenue in Seoul.

According to officials, the People would have been crushed and diedAfter a large crowd started moving into a narrow alley near the Hamilton Hotel.

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