She threw a cry for help out of the window, a neighbor saved her: the story of a woman kidnapped in Spain – World

A woman was abducted from an apartment by her ex-partner for six days Porrino, Spain, was rescued by local police and Guardia Civil elements after throwing tickets out the window with pleas for help.

According to the newspaper Country, it was the neighbor who picked up the papers and alerted the authorities. The police received a notification through 112 this Monday, in which the documents alerted a woman who had confessed that she had been “arrested against her will”.

The address indicated by the victim, Manuel Fernandez, 26, matched the address of a man who had a pending arrest warrant after being involved in a similar situation.

While the kidnapper was sleeping, the officers broke down the door and found the victim inside the house. He was immediately arrested.

The woman was taken to Alvaro Conqueiro Hospital in Vigo, where she was seen by a medical examiner.

The relationship has been going on for months.
Investigation revealed that the abductor and the victim had been in a relationship for several months.
The man took the victim to his house to collect the money the victim owed him. Eventually the girl was kidnapped. When officers arrived, the young woman suffered multiple injuries from an assault to have sex. By his own account, he will be paralyzed at home from July 19.

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