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Ukraine is carrying out covert operations in the territory of Ukraine to destroy the country’s infrastructure. Behind these operations are members of the Shaman Battalion, an elite special force that enters only those who pass the most demanding endurance tests. Now, some members of this battalion are committed to crossing enemy borders and disrupting the Russian war effort and acting simultaneously.

The information has been confirmed To the British newspaper The Times By two Special Forces agents involved in the missions and by a third source of Ukrainian intelligence.

In particular, agents of the Shaman Battalion – in fact, the nickname of the 10th Division of the Ukrainian Special Forces – are carrying out sabotage operations. The battalion is known in Ukraine for its experience: “We send them to the most difficult missions because they are the best,” the source of Ukraine’s intelligence services told the newspaper.

Both agents who spoke to The Times were 25 years old, but already had extensive combat experience. “The work we do behind the enemy is very interesting: plant explosives near the front line, but beyond the border,” said one. “The Russians do not know what happened, and sometimes they can not believe we were there,” says another agent.

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Both men declined to give further details about the missions in Russia, but said they may have been linked to attacks in places such as refineries and communications networks.

The shaman battalion was also instrumental in the war effort in the territory of Ukraine. For example, at the beginning of the attack, they took part in the war against Russian special forces at the Gostom airport, and were instrumental in preventing Russian forces from crossing the Irfin River into Kiev.

This is Ukraine’s first confirmation of operations on Russian territory since the start of a large-scale war on February 24.

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