Several people were killed in a shooting at a Copenhagen shopping center. The suspect is 22 years old

Several people were shot dead in Feld’s shopping center in the Danish capital. Police arrested a 22-year-old man at the scene. The local mayor says the situation is very serious. The death toll is yet to be closed. Authorities have not ruled out the possibility of a terrorist attack

Several people have been killed in a shooting at a shopping center in Copenhagen, Denmark, Reuters reported. Officials say the shooter is a 22-year-old Danish man and has been arrested.

At a press conference, Copenhagen police chief inspector Søren Thomassen said the possibility of a terrorist attack had not been ruled out. Authorities say they have no indication so far that there were other shooters.

It was still too early, he added, to say anything about motives or comment on whether police had received information that could indicate an attack was imminent. Officials are now concentrated in various parts of the city. Field’s mall stores were encouraged to share video surveillance footage.

However, images emerged on social media showing the suspect running through the shopping center with a gun in his hand while others ran away from him.

Strong response function

According to Reuters, the main hospital in the Danish capital, Rikshospitalet, received “a small group of patients” for treatment. According to the company spokesperson, personnel including surgeons and nurses have been called in to strengthen the service.

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Initially, Copenhagen police said agents were dispatched to the scene after reports of a shooting. People awaiting police assistance were advised to remain inside the mall.

Local media released footage showing heavily armed police officers at the scene and people running out of the mall. One of the most-shared videos on Twitter – including independent journalist Sothiri Timpinoutis – shows several people fleeing in panic.

Copenhagen Mayor Sophie H. Anderson spoke about the incident, saying the situation was “very serious”. “We still don’t know for sure how many people were injured or killed, but this is very serious,” he said in a Twitter post.

Field’s shopping center is located less than a kilometer from the Royal Arena – the venue where Harry Styles was to perform tonight. For this reason, more people than usual, including young people, should be in this commercial area, as one of the publications showing the moment of departure can confirm. The concert was eventually cancelled. Canceling the reception of the Tour de France, the Royal House went in the same direction.

Outside, a long line of ambulances stood ready to help victims of the shooting.

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