Russia’s McDonald’s have copied the logo of the Portuguese Animal Feed Company

Russia This Sunday, June 12, the new McDonald’s-style restaurant brand, known as “Telecioso, Full Stop” (or Vkusno & tochka in Russian), was unveiled with a different logo from the North American chain, but similar to the Portuguese company. Animal Feed Production Company, Motosmix.

Belarusian TV station Nexta reported the case on Twitter, which condemned it in a tweet. “The ‘Vkusno & tochka’ (‘tasty, full stop’) logo, now operating in Russia instead of McDonald’s, was stolen from the Portuguese company that makes animal feed, Matosmix.”Can read.

This release shows the new “tasty, full stop” logo on one side in red – a circle and two lines representing a hamburger and two fries – and on the other, a picture of Matosmix. Has the same symptoms, but is yellow on a green background.

The agency has already commented on the situation and said it does not want to be contacted by Russia, but says nothing can or cannot be done in this regard. “We do not want to make any changes. The logo is ours and has been registered since 2021. We do not want to change it as it will be renamed in 2021,” he told the radio. Viewer. As far as possible complaints are concerned, Matosmix states that this cannot be done “because the logo is only registered in Portugal”.

The animal feed company’s “new visual identity” was posted on Facebook in January 2021 (highlighting the brand’s first letter to change the previous logo), and McDonald’s announced that it would cease operations in Russia on February 24 and March 14, long before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine began.

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However, the alleged copy does not appear to be private. On Twitter, the resemblance of the image of Vkusno & tochka in Japan and Mos Burger, another fast food chain, was shared.

This Sunday, the 12th, 15 restaurants opened all day in Moscow, and this Monday, the 13th of June, another 50 will open.

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