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In late February, Pavel Filadiev and his paratrooper unit crossed into Ukrainian territory from Crimea. Before the war, he was given a rusty, half-broken gun. Thus, ill-equipped and exhausted, along with an elite group, he arrived in the Kherson region, where he was greeted by rockets. More than a month later, an eye infection nearly blinded him before returning to Russia after heavy artillery fire near the city of Mykolayiv. He left with one conviction: “There is no justice” in the invasion of Ukraine.

“I don’t see justice in this war. I don’t know the truth here.”Filadiev said in an exclusive interview Guardian. He was one of the first Russian soldiers to speak out publicly against the war and has already faced the consequences of his stance. This week he left Russia after publishing a 141-page diary on the social network VKontakte detailing his time in the ranks of the Russian army.

I am not afraid of war. But to feel that what I am doing is right, I must feel justice.

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