Russian journalist arrested for showing anti-war poster on TV

This information was published by friends on the journalist’s Telegram account, and later his lawyer, Dmitry Zhakvadov, said in statements to the Ria-Novosti agency that he did not know where his client was.

There are three votes accompanying the message in Telegram, in which the 44-year-old journalist is seen getting into a white van, escorted by two policemen.

The lawyer added that the detention may be somehow related to the protest of journalists in March.

On March 14, Marina Ovsianikova – the daughter of a Ukrainian father and a Russian mother – entered the television studio during Channel 1’s Vremya (Tempo) news, behind the center, shouting, “No war. End the war. Don’t believe the propaganda. Here, they lie to you. .Russians against war.

She was then detained by the police and later released. As told in an interview with France 24, the journalist left the television channel on March 17 of his own free will.

On March 20, Marina Ovsianikova again appealed to the Russian people to condemn the attack of the Moscow army in Ukraine.

“Times are very dark and very difficult and everyone who has a civic opinion and wants to know that opinion needs to make their voice heard. This is very important,” he said in an interview with the American television channel ABC.

The journalist argued that “the Russian people are really against the war”, considering it “Putin’s war, not the Russian people’s war”.

On March 25, he was fined 50,000 rubles (about 460 euros) for insulting the armed forces.

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