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The Russian deputy governor of the Kherson region occupied by Russian forces in Ukraine was injured this Monday when his car exploded, but remains in “stable condition,” Russian agencies said.

Vitaliï Buliouk, the first deputy governor of Kherson region, which was annexed without full control of Moscow at the end of September, was “injured” after his car exploded, regional health minister Vadim Ilmiv said.

“His physical condition is stable, (the injury) is of moderate severity”The minister was quoted by TASS news agency as saying.

According to Ilmay, “Car driver died instantly”“One-way mine explodes and car burns”.

Vladimir Rokov, head of the Moscow-controlled Zaporizhia regional authority, said the blast occurred in the Black Sea coastal city of Skadovsk, 70 kilometers south of Kherson.

Boulyok, who was the person in charge of the region’s economic affairs, was admitted to Simferopol Hospital in annexed Crimea.

In early November, following a counterattack by troops from Kiev, Russian forces had to partially retreat from the Kherson region.

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