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There are pro-war Russian citizens who organize fundraising campaigns (Meeting Finance) As the war in Ukraine continues, the Russian military should be provided with the necessary equipment for soldiers, in the event of reports of material shortages in the Russian military.

According to The Telegraph, Have already been sent to war boots, rifle scopes, drones, radios or spatulas and heat cameras, all items paid for by civilians seeking to assist the Russian military in Ukraine. Campaigns, newspaper promotions, are supported by the Kremlin, i.e. the official telegram channels.

According to the newspaper, the affiliation of Sofia, 35, a volunteer with one of the fundraising campaigns in Belgorod, southern Russia, shows the overwhelming popular support for the invasion of Ukraine – and Moscow continues to support it. Categorize as “special function”. In fact, the rhetoric of Russian officials has been propagated that “action” was taken to protect Russia from the Nazi threat and that it is going smoothly.

But The Telegraph recalled that there were reports that this was not the case, but that Russia had been preparing for the attack for months: one of them reported that Russian soldiers had been provided with wet toilet paper and Soviet-era phones. Already in mid-May a telephone conversation was interrupted, and Russian soldiers were outraged by the conditions in the army. “We need thermal imaging, but we have to buy everything ourselves”, A soldier insulted a Russian soldier and told a colleague.

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Sofia, for her part, denies that the Russian military is poorly armed: “The military is a special people. They think about the future and often ask for reservations so that shortages can be avoided,” he said. Sofia also says that there are senders of up to 100,000 rubles (about 1,500 euros).

According to the volunteer, the fundraising campaign is to protect the nation: “More than 200 cities in Russia have supported our fighters since the beginning of the special operation because the Russians have not given up their own. We love our Russian army.

There has also been a Ukrainian side since the beginning of the Russian invasion. Fundraising campaigns for the crowd are helping to provide the military With war products advertised by companies or individuals. The country also relies on the distribution of equipment from Western allies.

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