Russia suspends half of natural gas supply to Slovakia

Richard Prokypcak noted growth in supply of 10% since last Tuesday, which rose to 30% on Thursday, and to date it receives only 50% of the amount of gas agreed with the Russian company. Gazprom.

Slovakia joins other European countries such as Germany, France, Italy and Austria, and Russia’s gas supplies have fallen since Gasprom announced it would reduce supplies to Europe via the Nortstream I pipeline.

The Russian company blames the delay on repairs by Siemens, a German company that has complied with Western sanctions against Russia.

However, many European officials, including Richard Prokofiev, raised doubts about their political motives.

“If we announce that we want to replenish 80-90% of our deposits in Europe, we will provoke the opposition, which will begin to reduce the supply to prevent it from fulfilling our objective,” the SPP director said. At the technology exhibition.

Richard Prokypcak explained that gas fields currently occupy 52% of their capacity and acknowledged the risk of Moscow completely banning its natural gas exports to the European Union (EU).

However, he assured that the current reduction would not affect the supply of this fuel because the country has agreements with Norway that would allow it to receive gas from the North Sea via Germany and the Czech Republic, which could reduce it. 65% of its pro-Russian.

Currently, Slovakia receives 85% of its total natural gas imports from Russia.

In addition, Bratislava has confirmed the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) via Croatia, with two monthly ships, and is also exploring agreements with Italy, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

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Gas prices reacted to the increase in Russian exports to Europe on Thursday.

The price of TTF natural gas for July delivery in the Dutch market topped 140 euros per megawatt (MWh), its highest price since March 10, although it was later valued at 120 euros and 3.21 euros higher than Wednesday’s session.

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